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Fagbug (2009)


Erin Davies was attending an event in support of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-gender rights when she walked back to her car and discovered her Volkswagen Beetle had been vandalized - someone had spray painted FAG across one side and U R GAY on the other.

Davies was shocked and angered, but rather than simply have her car repainted, she chose to use the event to raise public awareness of hate crimes against the LGBT community. Davies mapped out a road trip visiting 58 cities across the United States, some with supportive LGBT communities and others in locations where anti-gay hate crimes had occurred in the past.

Davies brought along a small camera crew to document the reactions to her defaced automobile, and Fagbug is a documentary that charts the progress of Davies' trip across the country, as well as recording how people responded, both positively and negatively, to the provocative statement presented by her car. Fagbug was an official selection at the 2009 San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival.

The Cuba Prostitution (2011)


It is not a documentary about 'prostitution' in Cuba per se, as in the guy pays money in exchange for sex, it is more about Andrew trying to pick up girls in Cuba.

The author, Andrew Lindy, is obsessed with beauty. A New York based fashion and travel photographer Andrew longs as much for connection as he does for beauty.

Being a travel photographer and having written travel articles for ELLE magazine, Andrew feels at home anywhere in the world... and as a fashion photographer, he is comfortable around beautiful women.

This is a look at the lack of sexual taboo in Cuba, as well as the financial difficulties that lead to prostitution in some Cubans, for the purpose of survival.

American Call-Girl (2013)


It's an illegal workforce that's an internet connection and a phone call away. The world's oldest profession has moved online and indoors. We're going behind the supply and demand of the escort industry.

Many are caught in an abusive underworld, while others fight for the freedom to simply work. This is the American escort industry.

Sarah has flown from across the country to Las Vegas, to meet a new client who booked her on the Internet. She won't show us her face because some of what she does is illegal. She works as an escort, part of a booming underground workforce. The film crew went there to learn how escort industry operates.

Sarah got divorced and needed money, so she joined the sex industry. Like many women she turned to the Internet. She works independently, no agencies, no pimps, just a laptop and a cell phone. She offers all sorts of different consultations, as she calls them. You could spend full day with her for $6,000, or you can go with something simpler which is 4 hours of dining and desert for $1,600.

The Internet is the backbone of the 21st century sex industry. Prostitution is illegal in most of the United States, but if you look online countless websites appear to sell sex. You can have your pick of blonds, brunets, redheads, couples, strippers, party girls and of course escorts. The film crew basically wants to find out who these girls are and how this whole escort business operates.

Amanda Brooks is an escort and author of the Internet Escort's Handbook. Amanda teaches women how to break into the business of independent escorting. She says that selling your time for money is not illegal. Doctors and Lawyers do it every single day. What is illegal is prostitution which is the selling sex for money.

In the online market for prostitution thousands of escort websites are carefully worded. Sex is rarely offered and clients are expected to read between the lines. For women who want to stick out from the pack there is plenty of competition. Girls have to be very competitive no matter what niche they're in right now. Being on top of your business is being on top of your marketing and advertising.

Amanda says that the demand for escorts is huge and generally 80-90% of the clients are married. Marriage is great for business because the men realize that they're missing something and escorts are lot better that an affair because they're not going to try to take him away from his kids, they're not going to try to make him marry them... they're very safe.

As an escort Sarah sees both men and couples who come to Las Vegas looking for a good time. Sarah is privileged in the world of prostitution because as an independent escort she calls the shots and commands big money from her clients. But for many women who set out to become escorts a much different reality awaits.

The escort industry thrives in cities throughout the United States, but Las Vegas is a ground zero. Married men, bachelor parties, couples looking for adventure and tourists from around the world come to Las Vegas looking for pleasure. Although prostitution is illegal, there is a thriving black market.

Sex for Sale: Prostitution (2010)


It's been called world's oldest profession yet it's always been taboo - prostitution. Around the world the sex industry presents many faces. From the violent sex slums of Bangladesh, to the deadly sidewalks of the United States. From the stylish bordellos of Australia, to Europe where the disabled pay for sex, and where man are videotaped in futuristic cyber-brothels. Step into the forbidden world of sex for sale. Those who sell sex, whether male or female, are shunned and labeled as whores or hookers.

Those who buy it are seen as sleazy and immoral. But does prostitution change its nature when it steps from the third world to the first, or are violence, drug abuse and disease global realities? When street pimps give away to legal brothels, is prostitution destigmatized? And when sex is sold as a service to the disabled does it become legitimate? As old as the hills, but forever changing, prostitution takes more forms than ever before. But are they all still taboo?

On the banks of the river Padma, in Bangladesh, Maya stares across the water toward her former home, the city of Dhaka. This mighty river symbolizes Maya's separation from her family and her past life. It reminds her that she can never return for she is a prostitute. Maya is trapped in a sprawling brothel town called Daulatdia - a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Trucks, laden with goods for Dhaka, line up for days waiting to cross the river. This giant traffic jam spawned Daulatdia, a roadside sex slum of over 2000 shacks, each housing a prostitute. The women there service thousands of men a day, for two to four dollars at a time.

In a country where nearly sixty million people live on a less than a dollar a day, many women see prostitution as an economic necessity. In fact the law allows unemployed women over eighteen to apply for permission to work as a prostitute. Although legal, Bangladeshi society still treats these women as outcasts. Prostitution is closely related to the notion of two concepts called 'purity' and 'pollution' which originally come from Hindu culture. Hindus form the second largest religious group in Bangladesh. Whatever her religion, when a woman turns to prostitution she becomes forever tainted.

The Last Taboo (2013)


The Last Taboo conveys a captivating and comforting story of six people with different physical disabilities and a fit partner who was in a relationship with one of them.

These persons share their outlooks on affection, connection, friendships, relationships and, according to their experiences, they share what they've learned about themselves. Basically, the overall idea of the film is that... 'In bed, everyone's able.'

The maker of this film, Alexander Freeman, had never felt comfortable with his own sexuality. It was always that strange thing that he wanted so badly to explore, because in order for you to really understand yourself you have to be able to experience the touch of another person. One time a girl who was a friend of his gave him an experience that changed how he saw his own sexuality. It was the first time that he felt attractive. But he still had questions. He decided to find out why it is perceived to be the last taboo. He has cerebral palsy, which basically means that he doesn't have total control over his muscles. But, everything still works down there.

The problem with the word 'disability' is that it has a negative connotation from the get-go. It automatically implies that there's something that somebody 'can't', or something that somebody 'isn't', and that becomes defining, foundational definition of the way somebody thinks of somebody and then it spills over everything including sexuality.

People will look at something and they'll think it's beautiful if it falls under certain guidelines and that is what puts so much stigma on the idea of someone with a disability being a sexual person, because people can't quite connect the dots between the idea that someone has a non-normative body or presentation and the fact that they might be sexual.

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