Hidden History

Hidden History was created in order to make available for everyone on the internet that part of the history that some could consider forbidden, a forbidden history that you will not learn about in schools. Actually, most of the content here will not be aired by any profit oriented media TV channel.
Our volunteers' mission is to find (mostly on media hosting sites like Youtube, Vimeo etc.) videos and documentaries about hidden facts or possible alternatives that people don't know about; either the system is trying to hide these facts or maybe nobody else thought about them. Therefore, none of the content published here (the videos) is original neither it belongs to 3dex.ro. Everything belongs to their authors, producers etc and, if made unavailable on the hosting sites (ie Youtube), will start to exist here, too.
The hidden history documentaries are of various topics, from religion to politics, from economic conspiracies to presidential assassinations, from the first moon landing to the existence of aliens and so on. In the videos re-published here (embedded) you will find information about the Illuminati, the Bilderberg group, the Atlantis and many other hot topics like CIA conspiracies, proxy wars and the corporations controlled political class that is ruling most of the countries today.
Enjoy watching the movies and remember not to believe anything you were told, not even the information in these movies - their purpose is to unlock your mind and not to indoctrinate you.

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