The Worst Christmas Jobs in History (2007)


From the gluttonous feasts of the Romans to the gruesome task of preparing the holiday turkey, narrator Tony Robinson explores some of the worst Christmas jobs in history. He begins with a brief description of the origins of our modern Christmas traditions starting with the feast of Saturnalia. This festival celebrated the god Saturn and began on the 17th of December. It is considered the precursor to some of our modern holiday traditions.

People ate and drank excessive amounts of food and wine, much like people do today. In order to continue the revelry for over a week, however, the Romans had to get rid of what they had consumed. Hence the first worst job of this amusing, arduous, and sometimes disgusting documentary.

Just imagine what it would be like if there wasn't that handy supermarket just down the road filled with plump, plucked, eviscerated, frozen turkeys ready to be thawed and stuffed and shoved into the gas or electric oven? If the day dawned a bit chilly, well, just turn up the heat! Need that simply must have special toy? Pop on down to the local toy store and buy it.

As Mr. Robinson shows us, preparing for the holidays throughout early history was anything but simple. It usually involved hard, dirty, back breaking, downright dangerous, sometimes life-threatening work. The individuals involved rarely got any benefit from their labors. And just imagine the consequences if they botched the job! Nowadays, the turkey gets dry: we head out to the local restaurant.

This documentary is presented in a light-hearted fashion. Mr. Robinson literally jumps into each job with both feet and hands and sometimes even his nose, much to his dismay! His curiosity is infectious, the subjects quite interesting and his noble efforts very entertaining. If you like learning about unusual things or just have an inquisitive nature, you will certainly enjoy The Worst Jobs in History - Christmas Special. You may not want to run out and try one of these tasks, that is, if you could even find one of them nowadays. But you will certainly get a chuckle out of Tony Robinson and his antics. This documentary is definitely worth a look!

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