The Enemy Within: The Pakistani Taliban (2013)

Islamabad looks as colorful as ever, but even the capital is on constant warning. Pakistan is under aggression from within. More than 5,000 Pakistani soldiers have been executed and nearly 9,000 injured battling militants on the western border. Some of the terrorists are Afghan and Arab fanatics who escaped from Afghanistan, but most are Pakistani stimulated by the external militants to massacre, cripple and bomb their own people.

The casualties aren't just soldiers. There are assaults on noncombatants, like the bombing of a police commencement ceremony. The main wrongdoers are the Pakistani Taliban. They're product of the Afghan Taliban and they're even more barbarous. For ten years Pakistan's leading specialist on extremism, Ahmed Rashid, has advised of their ascent.

From being a very small band ruling an insignificant area they have spread. They now have recruited militant groups in Karachi, Punjab, Sindh, Kashmiri and many other places. There is now a total extremist activity in Pakistan that is trying to eradicate the State.

The ideas and handlers of some of the worst acts of terrorism take up residence in these distant areas '

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