Marco Polo: The China Mystery Revealed


Photograph stunning images along the Silk Road with renowned National Geographic photographer, Michael Yamashita. WildChina's first-ever, on-the-road workshop is designed for those who are passionate about photography and travel.Join Yamashita in Xinjiang and capture the wonders that Marco Polo witnessed, many of which remain unchanged since his time. Under Yamashita's expert instruction and critical eye, explore new ways to tell stories through your lens.Yamashita first retraced Marco Polo's epic journey from West to East while on assignment for National Geographic. His pictures were featured in an 80-page, three-part series in the magazine in 2001.This was followed by a 500-page book, Marco Polo: A Photographer's Journey, and an award-winning National Geographic Channel documentary, 'Marco Polo: The China Mystery Revealed,' which Yamashita hosted and narrated.This is only a preview. The full documentary was removed from the source.

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