Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition


All we need is love, but do we really know what love is? Love is a word that is sung about in songs, written in poems, talked about a lot, and it's something many people long for, one way or the other, mostly in the form of a partner. We hear it a lot these days: be heart centered, be loved, love is the answer, love always wins, send love and light, and so on. People use it casually in conversations in their everyday lives. It is seen as the solution to all the world problems. All you need is love. If that's so easy, how come nothing has changed fundamentally on planet Earth, despite the obvious technological progress? We still see genocide, oppression, and war is happening. Hundreds of thousands of children and civilians have died in the Middle East and around the world, because of the war machine under the control of psychopathic leaders, who couldn't care less about anyone who holds up a peace sign with the proclamation of love as the force for change. Looking at it more closely we can see that love is one of the most abused and misunderstood words. We mistake things like gratification, sentimentality, obligation, duty, passion, desire, and other superficial emotions, ideas and condition concepts, as love, in order to fill something that is ultimately lacking within us. These distortions are also used mostly unconsciously as buffers to avoid facing reality as it is, by looking at the world with rose colored glasses on, instead of seeing oneself and the world more objectively, beyond appearances.

For the great majority of mankind are satisfied with appearances, as though they were realities, and are often more influenced by the things that seem than by those that are. – Niccolo Machiavelli.

There is personal love between humans, motherly love, love of family and community, love for oneself, love for something greater than the self, love for God, and even love for manmade ideologies and concepts such as for a nation and country. So what is love? How can we describe or define such a powerful force? Words are very limiting and can only point to it, but are not it. Maybe we can start by examining what love is not. When it comes to interpersonal relationships we often see control games, jealousy and envy, which is obviously not love, but expressions and behaviors based on fear and need. Love is related to emotions and feelings, but they can be merely based on chemical reactions in the brain that result in high where people feed off each other, which also the basis for psychic vampirism. Many relationships are based on this feeding mechanism, which has nothing to do with love, but it's a parasitic need resulting in codependency. Sexual attraction is also mistaken for love at times. Many people get into relationships for the wrong reasons. Be it to escape the loneliness, to fill a hole in their lives, or feed off another person. For the most part this happens unconsciously and so people tend to lie to themselves about love and their relationships in many ways.Watch the full documentary now - 77 min

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