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Plan Colombia


Plan Colombia

20 years of US 'war-on-drugs' in Colombia paid for by U.S. tax-payers.Still, more and more drugs and narco-dollars are entering the US everyyear. Is it a failure or a smokescreen by Washington to secureColombia's oil & natural resources instead? Now that the U.S. StateDepartment officially shifted its priority in Colombiafrom 'counter-narcotics' to 'counter-insurgency' conveniently dubbed 'anti-terrorism ' , what is left today of the alleged anti-drug purposeof the U.S. 'Plan Colombia'? While cocaine trafficking andmoney-laundering are skyrocketing to unseen proportions, is the currentU.S. 'oil' administration even concerned with fighting drugs inColombia, another top oil supplier to the U.S., when its U.S.-friendlyregime is being threatened by powerful leftist guerrilla groups?

Directed by Gerard Ungerman & Audrey Brohy

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